Winter heating for just 3.5kWh per day!

13 June 2019

When it came time to upgrade his heating/cooling, Our Gippsland Solar Retail Manager, Mitch Richardson, was a little hesitant. Built in the 80s, his house sits on a sloping block with up to 2m stumps at the lowest point, paper thin windows and crumby old roof insulation. The previous split system would run at full-noise to warm the home.

– Enter the LG WH24 7.1kW reverse cycle split system –

Probably as a result of his role as Retail Manager at Gippsland Solar, Mitch can be a bit of a hawk on energy usage. As such, he was a little apprehensive about putting in a new split system as he expected that a more effective unit would come at the cost of higher energy usage.

Following the installation, Mitch selected the “AI” mode and punched in 24deg, then ran a pretty gruelling test over the weekend…

Saturday 8:00am – Sunday 9:30pm at 24deg with all the interior doors open in the home; that’s 36 hours of continuous runtime!

Given the rated input of the unit when heating is approx 1.9kW, he braced himself with the expectation of around 30-40kWh of consumption.

13kWh – The total amount of energy consumed to heat an old, chilly home to a toasty 24degs for a full weekend was a measly 13kWh. To put that into context, given that their off-peak energy costs are $0.135/kWh, that was a grand total of $1.75 for the weekend, or 4 cents per hour!

By comparison, the old space heater costs just over 35c/hour to heat a single room, let along the whole home. After they factored in their solar contribution, their heating and cooling was chewed up and spat out with change.

Mitch said:
“Grant at Gippsland Heating and Cooling was super easy to work with and I had complete faith in his recommendation which has ultimately proved to be the best fit. The installers were all brilliant. Andy, Liam and Darcy were all clean, polite and efficient and despite the various challenges in this particular job, nothing was too much hassle. The electrician, Jake was happy to come in after hours to get the old unit decommissioned and the new unit all wired up. After everything was complete, Jake came in to make sure the unit was functioning and went through the operations with me too which was brilliant. Stef in the admin team was no exception either!”

You may be surprised to learn how efficient new split systems are, if you have an old split system at your home it could well be driving up your winter energy costs.

Get in touch with Grant and the team at Gippsland Heating and Cooling on 1300 17 17 60 or via the website to find a more efficient and effective way to heat your home.

Gippsland Solar's Mitch Richardson with LG WH24 7.1kW reverse cycle split system