Tesla Powerwall 2 rolls out across Gippsland

Gippsland Solar are excited to announce that our first shipment of Tesla Powerwall 2 batteries have hit the ground! We have begun to install the first dozen of these batteries for our customers, with a LOT more to come.

With 13kWh of usable battery storage (double the storage of the first Powerwall), this system will prove to be extremely popular across Gippsland. And with a built-in battery inverter, Powerwall can be added to almost any existing solar power system.

Gippsland Solar is the clear company of choice for a Tesla Powerwall 2 installation in Gippsland. Apart from supplying the Powerwall 2, we also install Tesla electric vehicle charging stations and we are sitting on another exciting collaboration with Tesla in the next few weeks… so stay tuned!

Remember that battery storage may not be suitable for every situation. We take the time to carefully analyse your usage, and determine if a battery storage solution will work for you. We offer a range of battery products, which each have their place depending on your requirements.

For an honest, upfront assessment of your suitability, contact our team on 1300 447 765, or at www.gippslandsolar.com.au

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