Welcome to the team – Jess Christiansen

20 June 2020

We are thrilled to welcome Jess Christiansen to the RACV Solar team.

Jess joins us as Head of Marketing and Communications, bringing a wealth of solar and energy industry experience with her.

Jess has worked for a number of highly respected companies over her career, including solar manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers, along with some pretty cool companies in the energy tech space. This breadth of experience across the entire supply chain and broader industry ensures Jess will be a tremendous asset to the RACV Solar team, steering our marketing as we set ourselves up for a period of sustained growth and success.

A lover of wildlife and the outdoors, Jess is driven by a desire to help drive down energy bills for consumers, while working hard to create a more sustainable planet for future generations.

“I’m super excited to be working with Andy and the RACV Solar team! I’ve been lucky enough to work for some amazing companies in the clean energy sector during my career, and when I was given the opportunity to join RACV Solar, it felt like the perfect fit. I can’t wait to get stuck into the role – help to expand RACV’s solar offering and deliver exceptional experiences for our clients and RACV members alike.”

We are extremely passionate about how we communicate with our clients and the market, and believe strongly that it is a key part of our success. We are confident that the future of our marketing is in great hands with Jess, so you’ll be seeing a bit more of her as a subscriber to our mailing list.

Jess Christiansen head shot

Heat Pump Hot Water – the battery you never knew you had.

21 June 2020

You may have seen our previous articles regarding battery storage, allowing you to store your excess solar power during the day, and use it at night.

Did you know that a Reclaim heat pump hot water system can provide a similar benefit, for a fraction of the price?

With solar power, a Reclaim heat pump and some smart software, you can use your excess solar energy to heat your water during the day, instead of feeding that solar back into the grid.

You then have 315 or 400 litres of hot water ready for use at night, saving you from heating it overnight (usually at a cost of 15-19c per kWh). For this reason, we often refer to a heat pump as ‘the battery you never knew you had’.

RACV Solar is partnering with Reclaim to offer $500 off the cost of a heat pump hot water system, now until the end of winter. This applies to both new and existing proposals if accepted by August 31, 2020.

Not only can Reclaim capture your excess solar, but it brings a number of other benefits including:

  • Quiet to run – at only 40dB that’s about the same as your split system air conditioner
  • Uses environmentally friendly CO2
  • Requires only about 1000W to heat water, compared to 3600W for an electric element
  • Has a coefficient performance of up to 5, meaning 1kW of electricity, will produce the equivalent of up to 5kW of hot water
  • Ability to monitor your electricity usage through our Solar Analytics app (optional extra)
  • Hot water fast – ability to reheat ~50 litres in 15 minutes

Contact us today on 1300 447 765 to discuss your options and take advantage of this great deal.

Reclaim hot water heat pump

More Postcodes for Battery Rebate!

9 March 2020

BREAKING NEWS – $4,838 battery rebate extended to more postcodes across Victoria!

We are excited to announce that nearly 250 postcodes across the state are now eligible for the battery rebate, including much of Gippsland. If you are eligible, you can claim nearly $5,000 off the cost of a battery.

On top of the improved return on investment, battery storage provides the following benefits:

– store your excess solar for evening usage

– provide energy security in a blackout or brownout

– endure your solar panels continue generating power without mains supply

To check your eligibility, go to www.solar.vic.gov.au, or contact our friendly team on 1300 447 765.

Solar Vic battery postcodes Gippsland Solar

Rebates waiting periods slashed!

22 October 2019

Waiting times for Solar Victoria rebates have reduced dramatically, in fact, this month 100% of people who logged into the portal on October 1 received their rebate.

When the program first launched some customers were having to wait 3 months for rebates, now it is likely that we can process them in the month they apply.

There are several reasons behind the reduction in waiting time – changes to the program have made more rebates available,  and doubled how frequently they are released from monthly to fortnightly. These measures have helped to satisfy early demand for the rebates and reduced some of the pressure on the system.

The Solar Victoria program is comprised of a $2225 grant and $2225 interest free loan repayable over 4 years. With the combination of rebates currently available, over 50% of the system cost is covered in many cases. Incredibly, some systems now cost as little as $2000 after the loan and rebate!

To find out more about your eligibility for Solar Victoria rebates, contact our friendly team today.

Andy & Patricia Gippsland Solar

More Solar Victoria rebates, but they won’t last long

28 August 2019

With the problematic introduction of the Solar Victoria rebate, we’ve seen a lot of noise in the media about what this means for solar companies. We’ve seen statements such as ‘d-day for the solar industry’, ‘the death of the Victorian solar industry’ and more.

Naturally, our existing and prospective clients have been contacting us, wanting to know how Gippsland Solar has been affected, and what our future looks like with these challenges.

We are happy to confirm that we are not just surviving, but thriving! It has been a challenging few months, but our preparation and planning has enabled us to secure a rebate for many dozens of our clients.

Our approach of being organized and ready for this new program when it opened has meant that we were able to secure an allocation for dozens of our clients.

The recent announcement that Solar Victoria will add another 23,000 rebate this year is great news for consumers, but demand is still expected to be much higher than the rebate allocations. If you are looking to secure this rebate, contact us ASAP for a chat about your options.

Many of our (so far unsuccessful) applicants are happy to wait until the first of next month to secure their position, knowing that we will give them the best chance of success. Others have given up on the Solar Victoria rebate altogether, and decided to press ahead and enjoy the savings now rather than wait in the face of uncertainty.

Our decision a few years ago to diversify into solar for business, commercial installations, EV charging stations and microgrid projects has enhanced our long-term stability. We have several months of commercial work ahead of us, and plenty of other non-rebate work.

We recognize that it is a tough time for many residential focused solar companies, but for existing and prospective Gippsland Solar clients, you can be sure that we are not downsizing. Our business was strong before this unexpected rebate came along, and it has not affected our vision or direction.

Gippsland Solar will continue to power ahead into the future, providing peace of mind for you, the client, and secure employment for these wonderful people that lead us every day.

Solar Victoria Rebates Return on July 1

13 June 2019

You may have heard the good news, but we’d like to confirm that rebates for solar power, battery storage, and solar hot water will return on July 1.

From July 1, if you meet the eligibility criteria, you will be entitled to ONE OF the following rebates:

  • Up to $2,225 off the cost of a solar power system
  • Up to $4,838 off the cost of a battery systemfor eligible postcodes (only 1,000 rebates are available)
  • Up to $1,000 off the cost of a solar hot water or solar heat pump system

The great news is that if you already have solar power or solar hot water, you can still claim the battery storage rebate – but only if you didn’t already claim a ‘Solar Victoria’ rebate in the past year.

We have been flooded with enquiries, and customers accepting quotes for installation after July 1. We currently have 35 electricians/installers working full-time, plus 6 teams of trusted delivery partners to help with installation demand, but our lead times are expected to stretch out very quickly.

We are now able to cover the rebates as a point of sale discount, reducing your upfront outlay significantly, and ensuring a much easier process to install solar under this program. Remember, you need to use a Clean Energy Council Approved Retailer (like Gippsland Solar) in order to claim this rebate.

If you are looking to secure the rebates before they run out (again), please contact us on 1300 GIP SOL or via the website for a chat about your options, and a no obligation proposal to suit your needs.

More details here: