Where are they now? Sporting Legends

23 May 2019

Financial payback achieved in 3.5 years for Sporting Legends Club!

Gippsland Solar have been at the forefront of the solar for business industry. We installed the first 100kW system in our region back in 2013, and we are collecting many years of data across thousands of sites.

Sporting Legends Club installed a 100kW system in mid-2015, at a cost of $120,000 at the time. And after 3.5 years, they have already saved $120,000 on their electricity bills, and achieved a complete financial return.

The board at Sporting Legends were quite skeptical about the return they would see from this system (there weren’t many other systems of this size in the region). We deliberately took a conservative position, so that they would actually enjoy greater savings than we promised.

By collecting remote monitoring data over the life of the system, we were able to show them that they have indeed achieved these savings, and they are now looking to invest in another 100kW on the business extension.

Being able to prove these savings, and monitor our client’s system proactively, provides us with a great amount of satisfaction. Now we can show other businesses exactly what they will realise in savings, with a happy client like Sporting Legends to prove it.

If you are considering solar for your business or workplace, contact us on 1300 447 765 or via our website.

Solar for Camberwell Grammar

Australia's largest school solar system

22 February 2018

We are incredibly proud to announce that Gippsland Solar is currently installing a 862kW (2,650 panel) solar power system on the roof of Camberwell Grammar School in Canterbury. This is largest solar project on any school in the country!

The tendering process for this project was intense and we were thrilled just to make the final cut, let alone be awarded the tender. However, the level of detail we have put into this project, including 3D drone modelling, and immensely detailed electrical and structural engineering secured our success, and will set the bar for future commercial solar projects.

The Camberwell Grammar install is the fourth large-scale private school installation we have completed in the past two years, with others including Gippsland Grammar, Newhaven College, and a handful of public schools. Our ability to work within the parameters of school holidays is key to our success. In addition, we are introducing several educational components to the Camberwell Grammar project, including 2 “off-grid classrooms.”

The solar system on Camberwell Grammar will deliver a whopping 1GWh (1 million kWh’s) of clean energy per year.

Our team of 14 commercial installers are staying in Melbourne to install this project and we are thrilled to be able to offer these local guys such an incredible experience, through professionalism and sheer hard work they have represented Gippsland Solar so well on this monumental project.

A business is only as good as its staff, and we are fortunate to have the very best on our side.

Click here for a case study on the Camberwell Grammar School installation

Gippsland Solar testimonial - camberwell school solar installation

Fishy Pub goes solar

Fishy Pub goes solar

11 December 2017

The iconic, art-deco Fish Creek Hotel is a much-loved landmark on the way down to Wilsons Prom. Popular with locals and visitors alike, the ‘Fishy Pub’ offers up an extensive menu of seasonal, local produce highlighting the best of Gippsland’s food and wine.

For Kevin Peavey, who co-owns and runs the hotel alongside his wife, Karyn, and brother, Terry, the decision to install solar was not so much driven by environmental concerns, but by the realistic advantage the install would have on the business’ bottom line.

The electricity needs of the venue are extensive – powering a nine-bedroom motel and seven hotel rooms, along with a bistro that runs large cool-rooms, seven freezers and fifteen fridges, plus heaters, air-conditioners and bain-maries. Mr Peavey has described the decision to reduce their electricity bills via solar power as a ‘no-brainer.’

The Gippsland Solar team installed the 92 panel (25 kW) system in September. The system will produce 90 kWh a day, covering 25 per cent of the hotel’s usage, and resulting in a projected saving of $239,000 over 25 years.

As part of the deal, the team also installed a free Tesla charging station, which improves the network of charge stations in Gippsland and in-turn encourages this high-end clientele to explore Gippsland and stop in for a feed at the Fish Creek Hotel.

When we ran a social media article on the solar and Tesla charging station project, the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) contacted us, and ran an article in their ARENA Wire magazine. Not only are the Fish Creek Hotel enjoying the savings from their solar installation, but they have also reached over 50,000 readers and gained some free publicity!

Sale Hospital Goes Solar

Sale Hospital Goes Solar

23 August 2017

The Gippsland Solar team recently installed a 330kW solar system on the Central Gippsland Health Service’s Sale Hospital.

This system is the largest of the three hospital installations we have done so far, ahead of the Foster Hospital and Bendigo Hospital installations. To put it in context, the Sale Hospital system is 1.5 times the size of the Bendigo Hospital system, which is pretty impressive when you compare the population of these two regional cities.

We gain a lot of satisfaction from assisting health services in reducing their electricity costs, as these are avoidable costs and the long-term savings resulting from these installations can be redirected into vital health services for the local community.

The Sale Hospital has a total of 62 acute beds, an Accident and Emergency Department, Theatre facilities, Critical Care Unit and Level Two Neo-Natal Nursery and Maternity facilities. As part of the broader Central Gippsland Health Service they serve an immediate population of approximately 42,000 in Central Gippsland, and reach a wider community in East Gippsland in terms of more specialised services such as perinatal services, critical care and surgery.

New Tesla charging station – Criterion Hotel, Sale

New Tesla charging station - Criterion Hotel, Sale

20 June 2017

The Gippsland Solar team are very excited to have installed Sale’s first Tesla Electric Vehicle charging station at the Criterion Hotel. This EV charging station will be powered by the Criterion’s new 30kW solar power system!

Electric Vehicle tourism is on the rise as these vehicles become more affordable, and the Cri Hotel is well placed to capture this market. Their charging station really opens up East Gippsland and the Melbourne-Sydney coastal drive to electric vehicles, encouraging increased visitation and the economic benefits that follow.

Rich in history and grandeur, the Criterion Hotel re-opened its doors in November 2013 after undergoing immense refurbishment to restore the venue to its former glory – much to the delight of locals and travellers-alike, who hold fond memories of the hotel from years gone by. The Cri offers quality accommodation, function spaces and upmarket modern Australian cuisine showcasing the best local produce.

The team at the Cri have been a pleasure to work with, so make sure you pop in for a quality feed and a beverage, and check out their shiny new system.

South Gippsland – Environmental Upgrade Agreements

South Gippsland - Environmental Upgrade Agreements

18 June 2017

Great news for South Gippsland Shire businesses! Now you can install a solar power system with no initial outlay, and simply use your savings to pay back the system through your council rates.

This is another fantastic sustainability initiative by the South Gippsland Shire Council. We have found the council to be very proactive in the sustainability and solar space. We have already installed a handful of systems for the council in their buildings, with another one to install at Coal Creek shortly.

Environmental Upgrade Agreements

In December 2016, Council decided to give South Gippsland businesses the opportunity to cut their energy and water costs and reduce their impact on the environment by offering residents Environmental Upgrade Agreements (EUAs). Through EUAs businesses will now be able to finance energy efficiency projects and install renewable energy systems such as solar.

Utilising support from the Sustainable Melbourne Fund, any non-residential property in South Gippsland will have the opportunity to enter into an EUA – an agreement between the property owner, Council and a participating bank.

EUAs offer 100 percent project finance, competitive interest rates and long term finance compared to other financial options.  The loans are paid back through property rates to Council providing an additional layer of security for the lenders allowing them to offer very competitive terms.

Further information can be found by reading the Environmental Upgrade Agreement Flyer or visit Better Building Finance.