South Gippsland – Environmental Upgrade Agreements

South Gippsland - Environmental Upgrade Agreements

18 June 2017

Great news for South Gippsland Shire businesses! Now you can install a solar power system with no initial outlay, and simply use your savings to pay back the system through your council rates.

This is another fantastic sustainability initiative by the South Gippsland Shire Council. We have found the council to be very proactive in the sustainability and solar space. We have already installed a handful of systems for the council in their buildings, with another one to install at Coal Creek shortly.

Environmental Upgrade Agreements

In December 2016, Council decided to give South Gippsland businesses the opportunity to cut their energy and water costs and reduce their impact on the environment by offering residents Environmental Upgrade Agreements (EUAs). Through EUAs businesses will now be able to finance energy efficiency projects and install renewable energy systems such as solar.

Utilising support from the Sustainable Melbourne Fund, any non-residential property in South Gippsland will have the opportunity to enter into an EUA – an agreement between the property owner, Council and a participating bank.

EUAs offer 100 percent project finance, competitive interest rates and long term finance compared to other financial options.  The loans are paid back through property rates to Council providing an additional layer of security for the lenders allowing them to offer very competitive terms.

Further information can be found by reading the Environmental Upgrade Agreement Flyer or visit Better Building Finance.