New Gippsland Solar showroom

New Gippsland Solar showroom

11 December 2017

Gippsland Solar’s new showroom is now open!

This new showroom and warehouse at 8 Stratton Drive, Traralgon, is just around the corner from our previous premises, however it is about 7 times the size and is a direct result of the business doubling in size in the last 12 months.

The new Gippsland Solar showroom is designed to be a fully interactive experience, allowing our clients to touch and feel a real working solar and battery storage system (with a TV display on the wall to show the performance). We also have a fully functional solar hot water system, and a ‘dark room’ so you can experience the benefits of a Solatube skylight.

While the rapid growth of Gippsland Solar has been very satisfying, we were bursting at the seams, and this co-investment by Regional Development Victoria has allowed us to fast-track our the employment of new staff.

Since we committed to building this facility 3 months ago, we have created 9 new local jobs, with another 5 in the pipeline. This growth would not have been possible without the strong support from RDV, Latrobe Valley Authority, and Latrobe City Council.

We’ve recently expanded outside of Gippsland, with our reputation taking us far and wide across Victoria. We’ve enjoyed the ride, but we are just getting started, so we look forward to the day when this new facility is too small for us.