Heat Pump Hot Water – the battery you never knew you had.

21 June 2020

You may have seen our previous articles regarding battery storage, allowing you to store your excess solar power during the day, and use it at night.

Did you know that a Reclaim heat pump hot water system can provide a similar benefit, for a fraction of the price?

With solar power, a Reclaim heat pump and some smart software, you can use your excess solar energy to heat your water during the day, instead of feeding that solar back into the grid.

You then have 315 or 400 litres of hot water ready for use at night, saving you from heating it overnight (usually at a cost of 15-19c per kWh). For this reason, we often refer to a heat pump as ‘the battery you never knew you had’.

RACV Solar is partnering with Reclaim to offer $500 off the cost of a heat pump hot water system, now until the end of winter. This applies to both new and existing proposals if accepted by August 31, 2020.

Not only can Reclaim capture your excess solar, but it brings a number of other benefits including:

  • Quiet to run – at only 40dB that’s about the same as your split system air conditioner
  • Uses environmentally friendly CO2
  • Requires only about 1000W to heat water, compared to 3600W for an electric element
  • Has a coefficient performance of up to 5, meaning 1kW of electricity, will produce the equivalent of up to 5kW of hot water
  • Ability to monitor your electricity usage through our Solar Analytics app (optional extra)
  • Hot water fast – ability to reheat ~50 litres in 15 minutes

Contact us today on 1300 447 765 to discuss your options and take advantage of this great deal.

Reclaim hot water heat pump