Battery storage on display at Ecoliv, Wonthaggi

Battery storage on display at Ecoliv, Wonthaggi

18 June 2017

The Gippsland Solar team have been hard at work across Gippsland, installing dozens of battery storage systems on solar powered homes.

We recently installed a system on the Ecoliv / Beaumont Concepts showroom in Wonthaggi. Ecoliv are a long-term partner of ours, their architecturally designed modular homes offer inspiring, functional living spaces with a minimum 7-star energy rating. Ecoliv prefabricated modular homes provide a compact yet functional solution, flexible enough to suit a range of lifestyles and locations.

We wanted to solidify the relationship by installing a (fully functional) demo system to show their clients. In the images attached, you can see how much power the solar array is producing, how much they are using in the showroom, and how much they are importing/exporting to the grid.

Gippsland Solar have a range of battery storage options available, including 12 of the new Tesla Powerwall 2 which arrive in a few weeks! We can talk you through the differences between the products, focusing on your situation.

We’d like to remind you that battery storage still doesn’t make financial sense in every situation, so make sure you receive the right advice.