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Every solar company talks about quality. You might hear comments such as “Our panels are premium quality”, “We only use Tier 1 solar panels”, “We only use the best components on the market”. These phrases are almost worthless by themselves, so how do you separate the fact from the fiction?

Our staff are highly experienced and have been installing solar panels for more than 25 years in the industry. If you are not sure who you can trust, dealing with someone that has ‘runs on the board’ is the most important way to define quality. Our staff travel the world every year, witnessing the quality of our products in Europe, China, Korea, Singapore and Israel first-hand. We have Quality Assurance teams on the ground in China, ensuring we are getting what we pay for. We are also constantly refining the products that we offer, constantly searching for higher performance and better value for our clients.

The warranties on our products are among the longest on the market, and our workmanship warranty is 10 years (longer than any other provider we are aware of). We only use products that are proven to go the distance.


With an incredible rise in the popularity of solar power, customers have never had so much choice. There are now hundreds of solar providers across Australia, all vying for your business. While more competition is always a good thing, it has attracted plenty of shady operators, looking for a ‘quick buck’ on the back of government rebates and incentives.

Unfortunately, even some of the largest solar providers in Australia (over 400 in fact!) have gone bankrupt, leaving tens of thousands of customers without warranty support. Some customers have even lost thousands of dollars in deposits. While there is no way to know which companies you can trust, using a local provider means you know exactly who you are dealing with. We are absolutely entrenched in the industry, as one of Australia’s largest and most sustainable solar companies, with an in-house team of around 50 staff.

We also employ local office staff, electricians, plumbers and apprentices.

The extremely long warranties on solar panels provide another reason to be very careful who you choose. Most solar panels have a 25 year performance warranty. This is probably longer than any warranty you will receive for the rest of your life. You need to ask yourself, how much is a 25 year warranty worth to me if the provider has only been in the industry for a short time? And if the company installing your solar panels is based in the 60th floor of an office building somewhere, can I be certain that they will be around to support my warranty for the next 25 years?

As part of our focus on the local area, we are more than happy to pass on contact details of our happy customers. Speaking to someone who has used us in the past and can provide a genuine appraisal of their experience with us is another way of ensuring your peace of mind into the future.


We believe that our experience in solar power is our greatest strength. We have over 400 years combined experience in renewable energy, and we are still learning every day!

We understand solar power, and specifically how it performs in the various regions of Victoria. A 3kW system installed in Warragul will likely have a very different performance to a system installed in Shepparton, and it’s this local knowledge that enables us to provide tailored solutions for you. Over the years, we have constantly refined our modelling, based on feedback from existing customers.

We also understand the complexities of dealing with each electricity distributor, meeting with them regularly as their systems and processes change. This is very important, as we have spoken to dozens of customers who were left in the lurch because their solar provider didn’t understand the specific rules for the area they live in. Certain system restrictions and approvals only apply to each area of Victoria, and there are unique requirements for each of the distributors that we understand.

We also have a strong background in energy auditing and efficiency. This means that rather than simply installing the system like any other provider, we can provide free advice on how to reduce your energy consumption around the house. We will sit down with you, analyse your power bills and design a system that is entirely based on your needs.

Through a combination of the right advice and a well-designed solar power system, we can provide far greater financial returns for the same investment.


Shopping around for the cheapest price is easy, and there is no shortage of companies who will try to win your business purely based on price. But the cheapest system is rarely the best value. As with any other product, there are some very poorly made solar panels and inverters on the market. It might be hard for you to know the difference, so you should do your research thoroughly if the price seems ‘too good to be true’.

The products that we use are well established, reputable and among the most efficient in the world. In all the years of installing solar panels, our success rate is among the highest in the industry. With tens of thousands of panels, and thousands of inverters installed across Gippsland, our track record speaks for itself.

While it is relatively easy to research the products you have been offered, the quality of your provider is perhaps the greatest variable. Remember you are possibly establishing a 15-20 year relationship with your solar provider, so you need to have complete faith that they will be there for you. Our in-house installation team, combined with our fleet tracking system of all our support vehicles, allows us to provide the greatest level of support for you into the future.

Plenty of larger companies simply tender their installations out to the lowest bidder, but if you have any issues, you are caught in the middle of a dispute between the solar retailer and the installer. We only use our trusted installers, who are employed full-time by us, allowing us complete control of your client experience. In the unlikely event that you need warranty support or are unhappy with any aspect of the installation, we take 100% responsibility for our installation teams.

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