Meet The Team

At Gippsland Solar, we believe our people are the key to our success.

We employ over 75 local staff across all areas of the business, including a team of 35 in-house solar electricians and labourers.

Providing a strong emphasis on culture, attention to detail, and uncompromising standards of excellence, we believe our team is the most talented and passionate in the renewable energy industry.

Andy McCarthy

Founder/Managing Director

Andy has built the business from humble beginnings, to one of Australia’s largest solar providers. A member of numerous committees and Government panels, he is considered one of the country’s foremost experts on the renewable energy industry.

Kelly McCarthy

Director/Head of Marketing

As a co-director, Kelly has played an integral role in the growth of Gippsland Solar, overseeing our marketing and newsletter mailing list. Kelly has a Masters of Marketing (hons), and is also employed as Marketing Executive for Destination Gippsland.

Peter Stansfield

General Manager

With many years of senior management experience in the power industry, Peter came across to head up Gippsland Solar as General Manager in 2017. He has provided a steady set of hands at the wheel, ensuring our governance, systems and processes have kept pace throughout our period of rapid growth.

Gippsland Solar - Grant Wyett

Grant Wyett

Operations Manager

Grant oversees our entire installation of workforce of 35+ trades. He sets an incredibly high standard of professionalism for our installation teams, ensuring our teams keep raising the bar for technical excellence, safety and attention to detail.

Enjaye Heatherill

Financial Controller

With many years of experience as a financial controller, Enjaye heads up our accounts payable and receivable departments. She loves the challenge of balancing the books in a rapidly expanding business, and is always looking for ways to develop her skills and knowledge.

Marcus Lim

Manager of Projects

One of the most respected figures in the industry, Marcus heads up our entire Commercial Projects division at Gippsland Solar. A Clean Energy Council award winner with meticulous attention to detail, Marcus has delivered some of the most complex solar, battery, EV charging and microgrid projects every delivered in Australia.

Pat Tale

Head of Sales

Pat is considered to be a ‘thought leader’ in the renewable energy industry. He oversees our entire sales team, and believes that the client should be at the centre of everything we do. Pat is constantly searching for new ways to improve the client experience, and loves spending time with his team, to help them develop into the future leaders of the industry.

Shane Clayton

Technical/Special Projects

Shane is one of the highly regarded members of the Australian solar industry, and has been with Gippsland Solar for over 5 years. With 25+ years as a rural solar electrician, Shane knows the dairy and agricultural sectors inside out. Shane also plays a key role formulating Government policy and regulations, and helps to raise the standards of the broader solar industry.

Mitch Richardson

Retail Manager - Gippsland

“Richo” is one of our longest-serving, and most respected team members. He has developed his ever-expanding Gippsland sales team, while keeping Gippsland Solar at the forefront of the market. With a passion for cutting-edge technology, Mitch also oversees our suite of products and services.

Landon Moss

Regional Manager - East Gippsland

A passionate and driven member of the team, Landon came across to Gippsland Solar in 2017. He oversaw our successful expansion into the East Gippsland region, taking us from zero sales to becoming the largest provider in the region in only 18 months. Landon now manages a new interactive Bairnsdale showroom, and 8 local staff including a full-time install team.

Sophie Kokshoorn

Operations Supervisor

A rising star in the Gippsland Solar ranks, Sophie is responsible for managing network applications, grid connection approvals and product stock levels. Sophie is a key figure the Gippsland Solar ‘engine room’, ensuring our projects are delivered smoothly and professionally.

Angelo Pinnaduwa

Electrical Engineer

Angelo has many years of electrical engineering experience in the solar industry, and provides Gippsland Solar with a genuine point of difference. Thanks to Angelo, Gippsland Solar are one of the few solar companies that produce electrical drawings, schematics and CAD designs in-house. Angelo has delivered some of the largest and most complex solar projects in the country.

Josh Davis

Lead Electrician - Gippsland

A young leader in the Gippsland Solar ranks, Josh has quickly earned the respect of clients and co-workers alike. Josh has a real ability to lead from the front, and set the highest standards through his attention to detail and hard work. He also loves developing our young tradespeople into leaders in their own right, providing a guiding hand as they develop within our team.

Brendan Laidlaw

Microgrids/Embedded Networks

Few people in the solar industry can rival Brendan’s experience and knowledge. A guru when it comes to microgrids and P2P trading, Brendan has delivered energy trading platforms, embedded network solar and storage solutions, and even solar/battery storage to hydrogen projects. Brendan has helped Gippsland Solar to deliver a number of industry-leading projects, many of which are a first for our industry.

Marleen Stansfield

Leads Administrator

Marleen has many years of customer service and administrative experience. With a friendly and welcoming nature, Marleen is usually your first point of contact at Gippsland Solar. She absolutely thrives on providing the highest levels of customer service, and is always looking for new ways to provide an exceptional experience for our valued clients.

Aaron Slaney

Tenders/Commercial Proposals

Aaron is one of the great organic success stories at Gippsland Solar. After coming into the team with no experience, but a phenomenal attitude and desire, Aaron has grown immensely in the tender and commercial proposals role. He now heads up this department, with many dozens of tenders and proposals delivered every year under his guidance (and with a remarkable success rate).

Jacob Fevreau

Junior Electrical Engineer

Jacob is another young person with an immensely bright future at Gippsland Solar. Already an A-grade electrician, and solar installer/designer with battery accreditation, Jacob is also undertaking his electrical engineering degree. Working under our 2 qualified electrical engineers, Jacob is designing some incredible and groundbreaking renewable energy projects.

Tyler Ingle


Tyler is another young star at Gippsland Solar. His ability to design and implement tailored wireless networks, bespoke IT and reporting solutions has significantly improved our client experience. Tyler also introduced 3D drone modelling to our business, which has allowed us to create the most comprehensive design and solar generation data in the industry.

Mitchell Carter

Lead Electrician - Melbourne

Mitch joined the Gippsland Solar team from another company in 2018, as one of the most highly regarded team leaders in the commercial solar industry. His leadership ability shone through immediately, and he has quickly earned the respect of everyone that has had the pleasure of working with him. Mitch loves a high profile project with challenges at every turn, and never fails to deliver an exceptional result for our clients.

Dianne Green

Tenders/Commercial Proposals

Dianne is a key member of the Gippsland Solar finance department, and one of the most organised and professional people you would ever hope to work with. Dianne is also a great asset to the workplace environment, always creating a laugh around the office, but she can show a tough side if someone hasn’t paid their bill on time!

Vince Manuele

Sales Consultant

Vince is an outstanding success story for Gippsland Solar. Having joined our team in mid-2017 with no solar experience but great enthusiasm to learn the ropes, we have spent countless hours on his professional development. Vince has rewarded us by becoming an absolute star of the sales team, who will spend hours looking for the right solution for his clients.

Thomas McKenzie

Sales Consultant

Tom is yet another great success within our sales team. He is the B2 to Vince’s B1, and has shown an amazing ability to learn the ropes from our more experienced sales team members. He soaks up information and advice, and has now moved from Gippsland, to play a key role in expanding our Melbourne arm of the business.

Clayton White

BDM/Sales Consultant

Clay came into the Gippsland Solar team a few years ago, after a very successful stint in the solar wholesale supply chain. Clay has shown an exceptional ability to understand our client’s needs. and has also managed and successfully developed our contract delivering the Positive Charge program for AEF (formerly MEFL).

Jason Lee

Sales Consultant

Jason is a highly experienced sales consultant in the solar industry, with our MD Andy actually employing him 10 years ago in a previous role. Jason is not your typical salesperson, but his laid back and relaxed approach makes his clients feel very comfortable. Not only does Jason produce exceptional results, but his clients also develop a very strong relationship with him.

Tracey Taylor

Leads Administrator

Tracey is a recent addition to the Gippsland Solar team, after looking for a career change to freshen up. After only a short period of time, we couldn’t imagine life without her. Tracey manages our inbound client enquiries, and provides an exceptional experience by explaining their options in a honest and transparent fashion.

Rebecca Wyett

Service and Maintenance Officer

Rebecca came into the Gippsland Solar team as we grew rapidly, and decided to invest heavily in our in-house client support and service. Nothing is too much hassle for Bec. She loves nothing more than taking a client under her wing, working through the solution for them, and leaving them feeling very positive about their decision to choose Gippsland Solar in the first place.

Penny Toppin

Sales Administrator - East Gippsland

Penny has been invaluable in a number of roles within the Gippsland Solar team, and has recently moved to East Gippsland to manage enquiries in our new Bairnsdale showroom. Penny has dealt with the huge influx of East Gippsland enquiries and sales with the utmost professionalism, and provided great support to our local sales and installation team.

Linzi Wearne

Administration/Finance Officer

Linzi manages the paperwork and rebate process after installation, and is one of the most professional and hard working people you would ever meet. Linzi is highly organised, a great communicator, and ensures that our customer’s solar journey is completed promptly and professionally.

Gippsland Solar - Anita Both

Anita Both


Anita is a wonderful ‘all rounder’ in the Gippsland Solar team, having managed a number of different roles within our admin team over the last few years. She keeps clients informed of their progress in the system, manages relationships with suppliers, and provides exceptional support to our team in a variety of roles.

Gippsland Solar - Caroline Barry

Caroline Barry

Systems Administrator

“Caz” is one of the longest serving, and most passionate members of the Gippsland Solar team. She has overseen our growth and managed our accounts as we grew rapidly, and after shifting into a different role in the team, will further improve our systems by implementing a complete ERP system across the business. Caz has been the rock of the Gippsland Solar office, and now plays a key role in taking us to yet another level.

Todd Alexander

Tenders/Commercial Proposals

Todd is another long-standing member of the team, having started on the tools with Gippsland Solar a number of years ago. He has now moved into the office in sales support and proposal submission, showing a real flair for customer service. He is absolutely unflappable under pressure, which is a great quality in a business that has grown like ours has!

Brian Hagan

Warehouse Manager

Brian has been warmly embraced as the ‘father figure’ of the Gippsland Solar team. A Kiwi by origin, Brian has certainly copped his fair share of roasting over the years, but has learnt to give us good as he gets! Brian has managed to keep our warehouse extremely well organised, preparing dozens of jobs per week for our installation teams, and ensuring our installers can get on with their job every morning without a hassle.

Stefanie Tipotsch


Stef has been a key member of the Gippsland Solar and Gippsland HC office team for a number of years. Her contribution to the team spans across hot water enquiries, assisting heating and cooling clients, and administration support for our sales and delivery teams. A much loved team member with amazing attention to detail, Stef has played a key role in our high customer satisfaction results.

Drighden Lay

Operations and Service

Drighden joined the Gippsland Solar team in 2017, when we acquired the workforce from local business WND Electrical. He helped establish and oversee our critical service and support division. Affectionately dubbed The Faultmaster, Drighden takes great pride in monitoring our solar installations in the field, and ensuring they are performing to their maximum output.