About Gippsland Solar

About Gippsland Solar

Gippsland Solar specialises in premium quality solar power and solar hot water systems, which we complement by delivering old-fashioned customer service. Our approach is simple: we carefully analyse your power bills to determine if solar is right for you. If we determine that you would benefit from solar, Gippsland Solar use Accredited Installers and Designers to ensure you receive a premium quality system at a competitive price.

In the last five to six years, we have grown our business from the smallest solar provider in Gippsland, to the largest, with two product showrooms and 19 full-time staff (plus half a dozen sub-contractors). This is built on the back of honesty and a genuine passion for giving our clients the right advice.

We have over 130 years of combined experience in the renewable energy field, and our passion for the environment is behind everything we do.

Our highly experienced staff can provide advice on the following core products:

  • Solar power for your home
  • Solar power for your business
  • Off-grid solar power for weekenders or permanent residences
  • Solar hot water (we proudly supply Apricus evacuated tubes for the Gippsland climate)
  • Solatube and Velux premium skylights
  • Energy-efficient LED lighting for factories, showrooms and warehouses.

For peace of mind, we can also provide remote system monitoring, which includes automatic email alerts to our office in the unlikely event of a system fault.

About Andrew McCarthy

Founder & Director

Managing Director Andrew McCarthy founded Gippsland Solar in June 2010. After spending eight years in the solar power and solar hot water industry in Melbourne, Andy and his family decided to move to the country and, with immediate family spread throughout this region, it was an obvious choice to move to Gippsland. To begin with, Andy ran the business from the third bedroom of his family home, a one-year-old running around the ‘office’ during business hours. With only a mobile phone, laptop and a (beaten up) ute, and using the family garage to store equipment, Andy set out to grow the business, relying on word of mouth and reputation to increase his customer base.

This happened faster than Andy ever anticipated, with the business supplying and installing 340 systems by June 2012. Over the next few years, Gippsland Solar became the largest supplier and installer of solar power systems in Eastern Victoria, its customers including local government, hospitals, aged-care facilities and more. Gippsland Solar now supplies solar power and solar hot water systems to 30 different builders and architects in the region and has installed thousands of systems across Gippsland.

In recent years, the solar for business sector has grown at an incredible rate, with many dozens of 15-100kW systems installed across the region. Gippsland Solar has installed 100kW (400 panel) systems on businesses as diverse as the Grand Ridge Brewery, Fishers Pallets (timber pallet manufacturing), Sporting Legends Club (restaurant and pokies), Rotafab (off-shore oil rig manufacturing), Latrobe Valley Aged Care Village and Carpet Country showrooms.

In 2015, we also put the finishing touches on the largest system in Gippsland, a 300kW (1150 panel) installation on the BUPA Aged Care facility in Traralgon. Our supplier, SunEdison, was contracted to supply the system, and we partnered with SunEdison to deliver the last 100kW of the project in late 2015. Our capacity to engineer, design, install and project manage these large-scale systems is what sets us apart from the rest.

Milestones Achieved

1,320 solar power systems (over 30,000 solar panels) installed – total carbon savings of approx. 11,000 Tonnes/year

1025 solar hot water systems installed – total carbon savings of approx. 5,600 tonnes/year

Product showrooms in both Traralgon and Mirboo North

Employment for 19 full-time staff, including six solar electricians, four labourers, an operations manager, a finance manager, a manager of sales and retail, two sales consultants, two office administrators and two storemen. Having solar electricians on the team is perhaps our greatest advantage, enabling us to service our existing and prospective clients at the highest possible level. From quoting jobs, to installing the system, to supporting you down the track, our in-house team ensures that your project runs smoothly from start to finish.

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