3 Years Later, Battery Storage Savings Adding Up for Jamey.

23 February 2019

We have clients contact us every day, asking if battery storage makes sense for them yet.

It’s a very interesting question, and one that is different for almost every situation. For but Jamey from Glengarry, he now has 3 years of impressive savings to justify his investment.

Jamey had electricity bills of over $1,000, making solar a great investment. But when we dug a little deeper, we found that most of that usage was in the evening, which solar wouldn’t provide much help with.

Jamey decided to invest in a 14.4kWh battery storage system with his 5kW solar array. It was a significant outlay, at just over $25k, but the proof has been in the savings.

Jamie has found that his $1,000/quarter power bill has been dramatically reduced, with the summer credits offsetting the minimal winter bill, and delivering exactly the ROI we had estimated.

With nearly 300 battery storage systems installed and monitored across the region, we are now collecting huge volumes of data on the savings. We can use this data to show you the benefits of battery storage, and importantly, to determine if it does actually make sense for your situation. Get in touch with our team to find out more.

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