A sunny new beginning for Geoff from Hazelwood

This month’s staff profile is on our newest labourer Geoff – a former Hazelwood worker who, at 52 years young, is enjoying a surprising new career in renewable energy.

After 20 years as a boiler cleaning technician at Hazelwood Power Station, and hopeful he had a job for life, Geoff was left wondering where to go after the sudden announcement of the power station closure this year.

Approaching the twilight of his career, Geoff came to Gippsland Solar, looking for a chance to prove himself within our installation team. We were instantly struck by his infectious attitude and strong work ethic, so we asked him to help us out through a very busy period.

It was clear from Geoff’s first week that we couldn’t afford to let him go, and he is now loving his new and unexpected career in renewable energy. Geoff is fitter than a Mallee Bull, and giving the young kids a run for their money with his tireless work rate!

We’ve been working very hard to create opportunities for the former workers of Hazelwood, with half a dozen of our staff having worked there in the past. Some have worked out and some haven’t, but we will keep pushing forward, and doing our best to lead the way through this transition in the Latrobe Valley.

We would love to see other local businesses giving someone like Geoff a go. The value he brings to Gippsland Solar is not apparent on a resumè, but he is already raising the standard among our team. He is also an incredibly popular member of the crew, always having a laugh and keeping things fun on the tools through those chilly winter days.

Welcome to the team Geoff!

Gippsland Solar - Hazelwood solar panel installation